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How did we go from…

Isn’t it interesting to see how we got from point A to point B with people? Like how people go from being such close friends to not being friends at all or how one person can be a complete and total stranger one day then all of a sudden be the most important person in your life. Its crazy looking at my life now and just seeing whos still here and who isnt. So lets fill in the blank and answer the question…

How did we go from being _______….

… such great friends to just being strangers?

This question isnt about anyone specific—or maybe it is— but it happens right? The people you thought were your best friends for life have just become a distant memory of your past. Scary as it is, people come and go and life is always changing. People grow up and you grow out of people or sometimes one grows up but the other doesnt. Ive seen this scenario time and time again and this certain scenario makes me especially sad. I could look back to 5 years ago and the people i used to spend everyday with, i only see once a week or once a year and all that is exchanged is a simple “hello.” It baffles me to think how that person or those people made such an impact on my life 5 years ago and now theyre no where to be found. I could even think back to a year ago and there were people in my life who i looked up to and who i admired but after a couple months my whole perspective on them changed. I spent so much time with that person and in just a short amount of time, i knew exactly why we went from being such great friends to just being strangers. The people in your past are what makes your present and i know theres a reason theyre not here today.

Now vice-versa.

… being strangers to being such great friends?

In the past couple of years, ive come across such wonderful people, people i never thought i would ever cross paths with. When these people first came in my life, i never would have expected them to make such a mark on my life. I could pinpoint so many instances where i meet a person and could care less about them at that moment but then i see them today in my life and i just cant imagine life without them. I know of a couple instances where we meet, forget about each other, we cross paths again and life is never the same. These people are the people who help you forget about the hurt in the past and they help you move on, indirectly. They make you remember that while there are so many bad people in this world, there are also quite a handful of good people out there and you just so happened to have had the pleasure of meeting them. I guess this question doesnt really have a solid answer but im thankful that this happens because the people in your past are who make your present and the people in your present are who make your future. Its sometimes a vicious yet wonderful cycle.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out who belongs to what, you’ll know exactly what to do.

***I stole these from facebook. Im in a reminiscent mood. So what?




The birth of the new C4L. <3



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